Hand Crafted South African Art

One of the biggest challenges in South Africa is job creation. As a South African creative company, we take on many challenges to improve the value of handmade products produced in South Africa.

One of the biggest challenges most crafters/artisans experience in South Africa, is marketing and selling their products. HandMadeSA Pty Ltd. offers a wide range of marketing and sales channels. #Handmaders can decide how much of their sales and marketing responsibilities, they would like to hand over to us. This help them focus on what they love to do: manufacture.

We also offer training and skills development, mentorship, support programmes, product design and development. 

Our environmental impact includes beautiful South African handmade products, using recycled material. We also collect recycle material which can be used to create decorative or functional products. You can follow us on Social Media.

We believe in team work and have many partners to make our business and our creative network a success.

Daphne-S (director of HandMadeSA Pty Ltd.) supports and promotes #handmaders in South Africa. You can follow her website and get links to her blogs on www.daphne-s.co.za.

Also on the website you will find arts and crafts events/workshops/markets and festivals.

Our Mission

HandMadeSA Pty Ltd., is a service providing company, dedicated to selling products manufactured by South African, communities and individuals, focusing on sustainable incomes and economic growth. We select trendy, innovative, luxurious, top-end products, with spectacular quality and exceptional design.

Our mentorship and support programmes allow our suppliers to overcome small, medium, and big challenges, to manufacture and supply, trendy, luxurious handmade products with exceptional quality and design, and earn a sustainable income. Economic growth and development for individuals and communities.

HandMadeSA monitors, customer’s response to ensure that we improve on our products and service always.

A friendly fair and creative work environment, which respects diversity, individuality, new ideas and hard work are promoted always.

Our Vision

"HandMadeSA Pty Ltd.’s, vision is to be South Africa’s most accessible online store where local and international customers can find trendy, luxurious handmade products with exceptional quality and design, at affordable prices.”